Lukes Fine Arts
My name is Luke Lewis, I live and work in the beautiful Perth Western Australia. Here in Perth we are blessed with such beautiful wildlife that it is hard not to be inspired to create art. For three years now I've been a pet, wildlife and portrait artist. I specialise in highly detailed, realistic drawings. I use only the world's best coloured pencils and graphite pencils and incorporate a range of different tools and techniques to get the smallest details possible.
I found my talent for drawing later in my life. After years of working as a nurse, I needed a creative outlet to connect with a more fulfilled life. So, after years of practising, I sold my first-ever piece and started my art business journey. My passion is to continue this art journey for many years to come, for me being an artist combines my passion for animals and art; I am excited to continue my passions and draw many more things that inspire me, push me and challenge me as my career progresses.
All my portraits are created with the highest quality materials to ensure your artwork will last many years.