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Serious About Drawing - Coloured Pencils (Drawing Bundle)

Serious About Drawing - Coloured Pencils (Drawing Bundle)

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Elevate Your Art: The Serious About Drawing Pack - $280

This premium pack caters to the dedicated artist seeking to refine their drawing skills and explore a wider range of artistic expression. Packed with professional-grade tools, this set empowers you to create stunning artwork with confidence.

Unmatched Versatility:

  • A4 & A3 Westart Heavy Cartridge Pads (20 pages each): Experiment with different paper sizes, allowing you to tackle detailed portraits or expansive landscapes with ease. The heavyweight paper ensures smooth application and flawless blending.
  • Faber-Castell Polychromos Pencils (36 pack): Expand your color palette with this extensive set, featuring vibrant colors and exceptional lightfastness, ideal for creating long-lasting artwork.
  • Blending Colourless Pencil: Effortlessly blend and create seamless transitions between your rich colors for added depth and realism.
  • Prismacolor Pencils (12 pack): Complement your Polychromos with this popular brand, offering a unique range of colors and textures to further enhance your artistic vision.
  • Embossing Tools Pack: Add captivating textures and intricate details to your drawings, elevating your artwork to a professional level.
  • 125ml Gamsol: Unlock the full potential of your pencils with this high-quality solvent, allowing for smooth blending and stunning watercolor effects.

Invest in Your Artistic Growth:

This carefully curated pack provides everything you need to delve deeper into your artistic journey. Explore a wider range of techniques and refine your skills with professional-grade tools built for serious artists.

Ready to Take Your Art to the Next Level?

The Serious About Drawing Pack empowers you to create captivating artwork and push the boundaries of your artistic expression. Embrace your passion and witness the transformation of your skills with this exceptional collection of tools.

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